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What is escape room

An escape room is a real-life team-based puzzle game, where you are in an indoor spaceand have to solve puzzles and complete tasks together to get out. There is also usually a narrative and story that motivates the game, and you and your team get to play

How long do i need to spend in this game?

You will get only 60 minutes to escape. Typical escape rates go anywhere from 2% to 60%.

What is the escape room for?

Escape rooms are suitable for any type of companies and occasion: – your evening with friends – family reunions – dates – team-building events – escape games for kids – a worthy idea for arranging your kid’s birthday party

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes before your starting time to get ready for the game. Please note that teams who arrive more than 15 minutes after their starting time may have their game cut short.

How can I modify or cancel my reservation?

As escape games are live events, refunds and cancellations are not permitted once a booking is confirmed. Subject to availability, games can be rescheduled provided you give 3 working days or more notice.

What is the minimum age in our escape room?

The minimum age of child is 7 years old or over, and there is a requirement for Children of age 13 or under are required to be supervised by an adult of age 18 or over

What is the maximum number of players who can play at once?

We can host up to 21 players at the same time across our 3 different Themes